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Backyard Jammin' with Lowfive

I love music, I love photography, and I love burgers. Put it all together in a backyard concert and you have yourself a pretty perfect night.

On Friday, the local band Lowfive had a backyard concert that I got to photograph. I also dabbled in making a video for them, so if it turns out alright keep your eyes open for it! The grill was hot, the potluck food was plentiful, but unfortunately the skies were dark. The concert got going though, risk of rain or not! The clouds held off for a while, but as it started getting dark the skies opened up and downpour began. I've never seen so many people get a full band setup, sound equipment, and a table of food inside so quickly.

The night was relaxed and the music was great. Check out Lowfive here and follow along for info on their next concert featuring great covers and even better original songs. Some of my favorite photos from Friday are below!

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