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Morgan and Andrew's Surprise Proposal at Lily Lake

Yesterday was incredible. Several weeks ago Andrew reached out to me to see if I could photograph him proposing to my friend Morgan. They are currently long distance, so he was going to fly into Colorado and wanted to surprise her at a photoshoot with a proposal.

This man is so so sweet, and I am so stinking happy for Morgan. They have been talking about getting engaged for a while, so she was expecting to be able to see it coming, but Andrew managed to completely surprise her. She has told him that she loves my photos and wanted me to do pictures of their engagement, so he set it up so I could be there and she knew she'd be being photographed. He had her friend Emma arrange to take her to get a manicure the day before. And of course he managed to get to an entirely different state without her knowing!

After Andrew initially contacted me, I started setting up the date with Morgan. She promised to help me "location scout" by modeling for me at a "new" lake I wanted to check out. Little did she know I had already been to this lake so I knew it would be a perfect spot for Andrew to propose.

Driving up to the lake, Morgan and I were talking a bit about Andrew, and she clearly had NO idea what was coming her way that day.

When we got to the lake, the only open parking spot was right next to Andrew's rental car. I saw him quickly dive into the passenger seat so you couldn't see him sitting there, but we took so long with finishing getting dressed and grabbing my gear. The entire time I was so nervous about blowing the surprise that my hands were shaking as I was trying to keep my cool.

Morgan and I went to the trailhead to do a couple "test shots" to get the camera lighting set. I had her face away from me, trying to give Andrew enough time to run up behind her. She started to turn around at one point, but I screamed "NO not yet!" like a crazy woman, but when she did finally turn, Andrew was right there on one knee.

I had only met Andrew once before, but I know how much Morgan loves him. Seeing these two together was unreal though. Their joy was so pure and contagious, and if you aren't this happy deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone, you aren't doing it right. I mean look at these smiles...!

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