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Law student.

I am most interested in capturing you authentically, so let's go find a mountain, a park, a brewery... you name it. I'm happy wherever I can be with a camera in my hands, and happy wherever I can capture your true smile. Read more about my beliefs below.



I believe in photography because of what it can offer you in the years to come.

I am so lucky to grow up with parents who always had a camera out. They took photos of everything, which gave me such an appreciation for having photographic evidence of what I used to be like (and I guess I've always been a little bit spunky...)
I want you to be able to pull out the photos I take when you're 95 and show them off to your friends and family- and for them to laugh at how your nose crinkle hasn't changed, or how your grandchildren look just like you. 

Offering portrait sessions is all about how I can connect with other people to give them images they may not otherwise get. If that means negotiating prices, let's chat.


I believe in capturing you for you.

Come as you are, and there will be a seat for you at my table.

Let me help you show off your beauty... inside and out. Give me your messy hair, that toothy grin, and wild, uncontrollable laugh. Life isn't perfect, but it sure is beautiful. More than anything, I want you to look back on your photos, and see yourself in them. Capturing you authentically is what I'm all about. 


And I believe I am the photographer for you if you want your photos to be playful and joyous, full of life, and fun to look back on for years to come. 

'nuff said.


 Okay, but who is EB really?

I'm a Colorado girl, through and through. I grew up running and skiing with my family in Littleton, CO. Once I graduated high school, I packed my bags for the looooong journey to University of Colorado Boulder, barely 45 minutes from the only house I'd ever called home.

My university education began with a double major in molecular biology and ecology & evolutionary biology. A couple different volunteer positions, clubs, and on-campus jobs kept me busy... but somewhere in between it all I found time to dust off my camera. I started with headshots for friends, and then I shot my first wedding in 2017. It was complete magic, and before I knew it I was in love with portrait photography.

I graduated in 2018 and moved on to a job at an engineering firm on their project management team. The job taught me priceless lessons about engineering, product development, and quality processes, but ultimately I decided I was looking for more specialization in things I couldn't stop thinking about: legal rules and regulations governing business, technology, and innovative design processes (I promise, it's fun!).

In Fall of 2021 I began my second journey with the University of Colorado, but this time as a law student! In the long run, I'd like to work in intellectual property, corporate and transactional law, and/or products liabilities (stay tuned). For now, I'm focusing on enjoying my 1L year and learning as much as I can.

And when the asks of the real world wash away, I like a sunny day, a long trail run, a good beer, and a future adventure to be dreaming about. 

Got anything in common? Say hello down below... I'd love to connect! To inquire about sessions, shoot me a message. Visit my investment page here and learn more about the sessions I offer and my rates. I'm game for whatever type of images you're looking for: wedding day coverage to engagements to senior & graduation portraits and headshots. Tell me a bit about yourself below and we can find out if I'm the right photographer for you.

Follow along with me on instagram @ebollendonk to see more!


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