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Sam & Isabel's Evergreen Engagement Session

Fun, sweet, and LOVING! I am so glad we got to go to the Evergreen Lake House last Friday to explore the area where they are going to get married in a month and a half! I got to shoot them too to give them a feel of what their wedding photos might look like, and boy were these two easy and fun to work with! I already knew both Sam and Isabel before they asked me to shoot their wedding, and I have loved every minute of getting to know them and their relationship as their photographer. Their love for each other is so apparent, from the way their eyes meet to the tenderness in moments they share to the goofiness they embody. It is such a privilege to photograph them! They even asked if they could get into a freezing creek at one point just because they thought it could look good (uh, "good"? I'd say a better word is dreamy! Scroll down to see for yourself). Needless to say, I'm so excited to shoot their wedding!

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