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Tomorrow is Graduation!

The sun just peeked out after days of straight rain just in time to prepare for tomorrow's graduation ceremonies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I got done with taking all of my finals yesterday to wrap up my Junior year of undergrad and I could not be more glad to be done. This semester has been filled with pretty tough classes (never again, Biochem!) and some unexpected challenges (#RAlife). I'm ready to say "See ya later!" to CU for the summer, but there is one more thing that lies in the way of summer: graduation!

I'd be lying if I said I'm excited for my big brother to graduate. I know he's ready to be done and out, but I'm sure not! For the past three years at CU, Chip has been my favorite lunch buddy and ice cream date and it's going to be so weird not seeing him several times each week around campus! I know we'll still see each other, especially because he'll still be in Boulder! Below are some photos I took for him doing what he does best: being a complete clown. We had done a photoshoot to joke with our beard-hating momma, complete with the lumberjack look. Here are some of my favorites:

Ever since we were really little, Chip has been my best friend! He was my astronaut partner and the jedi master to my jedi padawan when we were little (although let's be real, give us both lightsabers and it would be like nothing has changed). I'm so proud of him for transitioning from lego builder to more expert lego builder as a mechanical engineer! He's graduating with a bachelors and a masters degree. He's off to join the big kid world working at a mechanical engineering consulting firm after graduation.

The vibe on campus as finals come to a close just scream "summer!" Earlier today I was sitting out on Norlin Quad, enjoying some sunshine before meeting with a client, and I was watching these two girls playing. They embodied everything that happiness is and should be as they ran around the soggy grass field with completely soaked dresses from rolling around and not a care in the world. As another year of graduates are about to embark into the world, I feel like we need to put more pressure on the "kid" part of big kid life. Chip does this well and I know I can always count on him for a good laugh and some play. Here's to him, and all the CU graduates, and the beginning of the journey of their big kid lives.

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