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Why to Book a Last-Minute Graduation Portrait Session

It’s almost your last undergraduate finals week- you’re stressed, rushed, and wondering how on earth you’re going to finish that 7,000 page paper while studying for a test designed to stump Einstein and finish your umpteenth project of the semester. How can you expect to have time to take graduation portraits? Here’s 5 reasons why you should and tips on how to make time:

  1. A graduation photoshoot will take about an hour and a half, depending on location. Giving your mind a complete break from thinking about everything you need to get done in the upcoming days can make you more productive when you do get back to work.

  1. You won’t be an undergraduate student forever, and while these next 2 weeks seem impossibly long, you’ll look back and wish they went slower. Capture these finals days before embarking on true adulthood outside of school! Your future self will thank you!

  1. Getting all glammed up for a photoshoot will make you feel confident and ready to take on the world. Although you'll be getting glammed for portraits, this unstoppable feeling will last well into studying later that night.

  1. Your mom will be so proud. ‘nuff said.

  1. It’s socially acceptable to post picture after picture of yourself on instagram if someone else took it, so let’s get you ready to post #selfiesundays and graduation countdowns!

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