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Frozen Hands and Buried Tans

Yesterday's weather forecast predicted a high of 36 degrees. Like many Colorado weather forecasts, it was wrong and I'd say the reported high of 28 was generous. The weather Boulder saw was a little bit rare: we had frozen rain that turned to snow, leaving a perfect layer of ice covered by a tiny layer of fresh powder that perfectly coated the needles on pine trees. I hadn't ever seen anything like it! I couldn't stop sneezing, and ironically my nose felt better being outside in the 20 degree weather, so I packed up my camera and headed up to the Flatirons to see if I could capture anything good.

The last time I used my camera was over a month ago on a family cruise in the caribbean. My fading tan lines are a great reminder that it has been too long since both warm weather and since using my camera! Despite the freezing temperatures, it felt so good to be taking pictures again! It turned out to be the perfect afternoon. The sun made a very brief appearance right as I got to the park for about 5 minutes before dipping behind the mountain, making for some very cool shots. The fog around the mountain is very unusual for Colorado, giving the Flatirons quite a unique appearance!

After the sun disappeared, I hiked around a bit to photograph the trees. Joe was with me, and we got some cool shots of us too! I just got a remote so I could take photos from up to 100 ft away from my camera, and I'm really enjoying being able to get some shots with both Joe and I without having to run for my life before the 12 second self-timer goes off!

The hike up the mountain felt warm enough, but we sure froze coming back down! I'm so glad we toughed it out though. The park was by far the most beautiful I have ever seen it!

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