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Gemma's CU Boulder Graduation Portraits

This lovely girl is graduating with a degree in engineering, and is now off to Florida for flight school. Gemma's got it all and then some: brains, beauty, compassion, and humor. I am so so excited to see where life takes her and the people she impacts as she moves on from CU Boulder.

When we met to take her graduation portraits, it had been raining and there was a high likelihood of hail in the forecast. The clouds were supposed to have passed by the time her shoot was starting, so we risked it and met for the pictures anyway. It was raining and lightening like crazy when we met, but "why waste a good evening?", we thought, and went to grab a coffee to just catch up. As we were sitting chatting, the clouds started to part so we jumped in my car to drive to Chautauqua. The stormy afternoon made for the most PERFECT pictures. The park was empty and the lighting was gorgeous.


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