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Photoshoots for a Cause: Community Food Share Fundraising

Hello! I'll be fundraising for Community Food Share from May 6th-May 22nd by donating money from each session you book! If you know me, you know I hate being hungry (and I'm sure you hate my hangry too!)... I am lucky to be unable to imagine this feeling for an entire summer, but unfortunately hunger is the reality for many kids in America.

Syncroness, the company I work for, has entered the Community Food Share Corporate Challenge, a 3 week long competition between local businesses to try and raise money to feed local families. As part of the team, I would love to see us hold our own in this competition, but fundraising is bigger than that. Here are some quick stats:

  • Community Food Share feeds hungry families in Boulder and Broomfield counties (our own backyard!)

  • 15,000 kids are part of this population. With summer coming up, kids can no longer be fed on free and reduced meals at school, putting families in a bind.

  • $1 at Community Food Share can turn into 3 meals

  • $40 can feed a child for an entire summer

This is where you come in:

Starting now until May 22nd, for any headshot, individual session, engagement/couples session, or family session you book, I will donate $40 to Community Food Share. That means one session = feeding one child for an entire summer!

Let's feed some kiddos in style!

*If you are interested in donating money without completing a session, please let me know! I will get you the correct link to donate money under to help out Syncroness in the Corporate Challenge!

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