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Cody & Shiloh in Boulder

Today I get to be a blogging fiend as I get caught up on all these photos! Having a lot of photos to get caught up on means one thing though... I've been busy with photography again (yay)!

One of my friends just got a new kitten, so of course I nearly died when he asked me to take photos of them! I met Cody when we were RAs together a couple of years ago, and he was always such a clown on our staff. Doing an over the top cheesy photoshoot was perfect for him, and spending time with a cute kitty was perfect for me. Unfortunately by the end of our shoot, Cody's shirt was covered in rips from sweet Shiloh's claws. She had never been outdoors before (she was still so little!!) and the big wide world was a bit scary.

Cody headed off to Japan and Norway the day after his shoot... This little kitty isn't going to be so little when he next sees her!

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