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Jill & Nick's Couples Portraits at Gross Reservoir

I know Chicago is known as the windy city, but Boulder almost has it beat. We have had days on days of nothing but wind! The weather has been nice, but you can hardly enjoy the sunshine without being blown away! Jill, Nick, and I woke up to a super windy day last weekend but hoped for the best as we headed up Flagstaff Mountain to what I think is my new favorite spot to take pictures. The location we went to has a gorgeous lake share with sand, rocks, mini cliffs, and forest above. It was BEAUTIFUL! I had never taken portraits here before, but I know I will be going back!

Jill and Nick totally crushed it too. Jill is a friend of mine, but I hadn't spent any time with Nick until taking their pictures. It was so obvious to me though what a great relationship they had, and when I look at their photos, I can't help but think, "This is what love looks like." Check out some of my favorites below!

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