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Kyle & Colleen's Kentucky Wedding

Well, the writers block is serious these past few days, so I will keep this short and sweet. I went to Kentucky for my cousin Kyle's wedding this past weekend and it was beautiful, fun, and so so great to see family. We don't get to see my family in Kentucky all that often, so when we do it is so so so much fun. After helping set up for the wedding we, like every other trip to Kentucky, found a cool old cemetery to explore (as is normal of any family right??)! We got to see Colonel Sander's and Muhammed Ali's graves, and stroll among gorgeous blossoming trees while finding old headstones.

The wedding was a complete blast too! Colleen, Kyle's new wife, and her family were so sweet! Her family played music during the ceremony and the first dances. It was such a sentimental touch, and perfect to showcase something her family all loves. I know if my family tried to do that, we'd all get booed at, but their serious talent made it such a sweet touch to the day.

With the special dances and toasts out of the way, the party really got started. And my goodness, this family can throw a party! Colleen's mom knows I absolutely love photography and asked me to take some photos in addition to their hired photographers. I didn't want to get in the other photographers' ways, so I only took pictures during the ceremony and some of the dancing. It sure was fun getting down on the dance floor while taking pictures though! Check out a couple of my pictures from the day below!

Kyle and Colleen met in the UPS store they now own together. You can totally tell how much they love each other, and the way they giggled together staring into each others eyes during the ceremony was so telling to how great their marriage will be. They worked for a year to make their wedding day great, hand-making a lot of their wedding decor including their ceremony arch, all of the table centerpieces, and guest gifts. The two of them put their hearts into this beautiful day, and now I hope they are having a blast on their Mexico honeymoon! Congratulations Kyle and Colleen!

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