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Nishann's Headshots in North Boulder

A couple days after taking headshots for the beautiful Haelena (see her pics here!), Haelena texted me to ask if she could give my number to a friend for photos. The answer was yes, obviously, as it always is!

Nishann contacted me within a couple of days to set up headshots for becoming Miss Colorado! I was hesitant at first... I try to throw in a ton of personality into headshots so they feel unique and like you, so I was nervous about getting shots that would work perfect to be a traditional pageant headshots! Nishann explained that that's exactly why she chose me! Her platform is helping expose true Colorado residents for their hard work, uniqueness, and dedication! I am so honored Nishann chose me for taking her headshots.

Nishann was SO much fun to hang out with while taking pictures yesterday. We were joking that it felt just like a silly middle school photoshoot with friends because we were giggling and posing all over the place (thank goodness my photos have gotten better since middle school!). She is such a beautiful, down-to-earth, Colorado gal! She would make the perfect Miss Colorado, through and through! Nishann is outdoorsy, loves hiking, snowshoeing, fishing, is the most genuine, feels like a friend after 5 minutes, and just shatters all of my "pageant girl" stereotypes. I can't wait to do more lifestyle type shoots with her in the future!

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