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The last 100 days

I have 100 days until I graduate college and become a real adult! Holy cow! All I can think is "Where has time gone?"

Being vulnerable, I must say I wasn't really excited to come back to school for my final semester. A career in biology just isn't what my heart will be happy doing, so finishing out classes for my bio double majors just feels downright tedious! I still love learning though, so I will try to enjoy my last 100 days in the classroom as best as I can. That being said... someone send astronomy help my way!

Aside from surprisingly difficult elective classes I need to stay as a full-time student, this month has actually been really great. RA training (last one ever!!!) kicked off my return to Boulder for spring semester and coming back together with my staff was such a pleasant surprise. I had forgotten over the month of break how nice it is to be surrounded by friends who know you for you and like you just the same. Laughing with them reminded me to not take life so seriously, and if you know me, you know taking things seriously is my favorite pastime! It reminded me that I have to soak up these last precious days of college and make good memories with good people.

Part of me wants to believe this chapter of my life is going to fly by, but part of me also wants to slow down these final days until I put on my cap and gown and get outta here! A quote from the trailer of the one and only Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again (yes, I know it isn't out yet, and yes I am counting down the days until that too) has been playing across my mind and really sums up how I'm feeling right about now:

"Life is short, the world is wide. I want to make some memories."

So... if you want to go make some memories, explore new places, adventure and laugh while getting your photo taken (or not, we can just hang too), let me know because I am down! Loosening up a bit is definitely in my cards for the near future, but I am also looking forward to more rad photoshoots and other adventures. I've got a camera, snowshoes, and a car with heat seaters that get hot enough to literally burn your buns off... bring on the rest of winter and Colorado's "spring" weather!

There are actually a lot of things I want to do before I leave CU. If you want to join in on any of these, let me know.

  1. Snowshoe more!

  2. Go ice skating at the rec center (after all, it's $2!)

  3. Bowl and play pool at the UMC. It's the only bowling alley in Boulder, and in all my years at CU I've been once.

  4. Take more timer-photos with Joe because they have been and always will be my favorite.

  5. Take weekends away and go see landscapes that make Colorado the state we know and love.

  6. Eat more ice cream (this should always be on everybody's to-do list)

While I am planning for how to fill my belly with ice cream and my soul with adventure, you can enjoy some photos from recent shoots I've done!

I did a family shoot at the beginning of the month and found some AWESOME lighting up the mountainside from Boulder. Sam contacted me before Christmas to book a shoot for her family as a gift. I had never really given a thought to booking a photoshoot as a gift, but what a great idea it was!

Kendall and John got engaged over winter break and I recently took their engagement portraits too! They are such a sweet, humble, and down-to-earth couple. Their only request? Show some of Boulder's mountains in the background. Well John and Kendall, I think we found a pretty great field overlooking those gorgeous flatirons from the south! The thick clouds that rolled in right as the shoot was starting dampened the mood a bit, but these two (and their frozen fingers!) were awesome!

Another favorite shoot recently was with Kelsey. I put out a random call one night after a snowstorm for anyone looking for new photos. I knew that the morning sun on the fresh snow would be gorgeous, and Kelsey responded right away! Waking up early was totally worth it to see the first sun rays hitting the flatirons and to get sparkling snow before it melted away. I don't think either of us stopped laughing the entire shoot which was the perfect start to an otherwise dull and ordinary Tuesday.

May your laughs be as jolly as Kelsey's, your hearts be as full as Kendall and John's, and the sunshine that touches your skin be rich like it was for Sam's family.

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